We are a small but growing church just outside Lakeville, Indiana that was established in 1880. While we cherish our heritage we are also constantly updating our ministries and worship services to be culturally relevant to today's world. We focus on the three values of Biblical Instruction, Evangelism and Outreach. We are associated with a group of churches called United Brethren which also has a rich heritage (established 1767). The best known United Brethren entity is Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana. For more information contact us. Thank you!

About Us

Pastor Wesley Skiles and his family joined Olive Branch Church in January of 2017. Wesley and his wife Tracey have three sons, Ethan, Jonah and Caleb. Wesley has a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministry from Asbury College and is currently pursuing his Master's Degree from Huntington University. Wesley is also involved in the local school district by assisting with the Fellowship of Christian Students and by working as a substitute teacher in the district.

     Tracey is an LPN with 15 years in the pediatric field and is currently working in a dermatology office. Wesley and Tracey's sons are very active in basketball, soccer, cub scouts, chess club and many other activities.

Pastor Wesley Skiles